About Us

About Us

Joy Vending is the brand name of Rawafid Albait Group. Established 2010 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Joy Vending machines Jeddah provides companies of all sizes with high quality Snack vending machines in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Coffee vending machines in Jeddah , vending machine services in Jeddah and more.

Jeddah is we are based, and we Work with western region of Saudi Arabia clients to deliver custom vending solutions that delight their employees and customers.

We offer a wide array of products such as:

Snack and cold drinks vending machines in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Drinks of all types.
Gourmet Coffee Machines
Hot Chocolate
And more.... What you desire?
We also focus on service and things your way.

Some examples of our services include:

Vending Machine Rental Programs
Free placement programs for public locations 
Daily filling services
Full maintenance agreements.
The possibilities are as endless as the amount of fresh, delicious snacks and drinks our machines provide.

Some of vending machines in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia clients include:

Corporate offices
Retail chains
Local Stand—Alone office and many others.

Whether you have five or five thousand employees, we'll make sure they have the very best in food and drinks at their fingertips with an office vending machines. Contact us to learn more.
Joy Vending machines Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.