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Vending Machines

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Celesta - Coffee Vending Machine

Dimensions (HxWxD) : 630(+230mm for hopper)x290mm x630mm

Weight : 45 kg

Power supply : 230V, 50 Hz, single phase AC

Treat your customers, guests, employees and yourself to coffee at its very best. Coffee Day Beverages brings to you the sleek and stylish fresh milk and roasted coffee beans automatic vending machine, Celesta. The simple and user-friendly controls allow you to enjoy gourmet coffee drinks like cappuccino, latte and espresso! Each steaming cup of coffee is made from the best hand-picked and specially roasted beans from Coffee Day's very own exquisite plantations.Coffee Day also offers a variety of other tasty beverages like Teas, Soups, Hot Chocolate, Badam and Badam-Pista drinks with its vending machine.Now, enjoy your refreshing and tasty beverages at work, at the touch of a button!

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